Cinco formas de crear un patio nocturno acogedor

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Warmer days mean the garden is full of flowers, the porch is the perfect place to relax, and the patio or terrace becomes the perfect place to sunbathe. That’s why it makes sense that everyone wants to spend as much time outdoors as possible. There is no reason not to enjoy your terrace during the night hours. Here’s how to set up the perfect outdoor space to further enjoy an evening under the stars, including helpful lighting tips, seating ideas, and ways to keep stubborn pests at bay. .

Choose a seat that lasts

Above all, make sure there is enough comfortable seating available to encourage friends and family to relax and unwind after work hours. Cozy furniture that looks like it belongs inside, like a pair of armchairs and a sofa (like this five-piece Together, the Best Homes and Gardens $1,396, Walmart ), gives off a family-room aura and can be arranged in a semicircle to keep conversation flowing. . Look for outdoor furniture that serves multiple purposes, such as a dining/dining set or a love seat/sofa with side tables for drinks and snacks, to give you flexibility from day to night.

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just keep serving

Evening entertainment is low-key. Food and drinks should be accessible and easy to consume in the dark. Think uncomplicated fun: appetizer platters, pastry boards with cheese cubes and fresh fruit, light bowls of snacks like popcorn or chips to go around. Chill bottles and cans in a galvanized metal tank ($19, Walmart ) filled with ice. As the night progresses and the meeting begins, accidents can happen, so it might be a good idea to stock up on plates and glasses made of reusable, unbreakable materials like melamine, bamboo, or acrylic if you don’t already have them.

Heat things up

If you have the space, consider adding a fireplace to keep everyone comfortable during cooler nights when the temperature drops or the seasons change. The warm glow acts as a natural focal point to draw people in and is a great place to gather everyone with s’mores sticks and supplies for a favorite after-dinner group activity. Depending on your preferences, you can choose a gas model for quick lighting (this Better Homes & Gardens Propane Fireplace $197, Walmart has an electric lighter) or a wood-burning model for that classic campfire feel (and aroma!).

Light up the night

Don’t leave everyone in the dark. Adding some form of lighting is practical – you should be able to see yourself and move around safely in your outdoor space – but why not make it pretty too? Ambient lighting sets the tone , and there are many ways to do it. Aire, Better Homes & Gardens string lights ($40, Walmart ) are easy to use along the edges of a porch roof or a deck railing. Globe bulbs are a timeless option, while shade styles can help you create an original look or define an area of ​​your garden as an outdoor ‘room’. To take advantage of the sun’s rays ahead of time, choose LED solar garlands that recharge during the day. Lanterns are a versatile option to bring light where you need it: on a table, in a corner, along a staircase, a wall or the edge of a terrace. They come in many different materials to match your style, such as wood. , metal or rattan. Light them with standard pillar candles or choose battery-operated flameless LED candles for a stress-free option if you have kids or pets playing. At the end of the night, bid your guests a safe send-off with LED lights along the hallways.

Keep pests at bay

At dusk nocturnal insects come out. To discourage these uninvited guests from ruining your party and irritating your friends and family, strategically use lemongrass throughout your outdoor space. Insect repellent scented outdoor candles have come a long way from the big sticky tubs of the past and are now available in decorative designs that resemble handmade pottery or modern, minimalist pottery. Tabletop torches that can be filled with citronella oil have also upped their game, with discreet matte black designs that blend into the background or sleek, textured ceramic styles meant to be seen.

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